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October 29, 2011
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To Fix You

Last chapter featured "Yellow", search for the hidden lyrics in the epilogue!


Rays of sunlight streaming in through the glass panes of a window filled the room, shining a bright spot of sunlight onto the face of a sleeping cyan pegasus. She rolled over to try and keep the light off her eyelids, willing herself to hang on to just a few precious extra moments of sleep, but it was no use. Mere moments after having her face and the fur of her pelt warmed by the sun, Rainbow Dash found it impossible to sleep through the light which now cascaded over her. Slowly, she opened her eyes, blinking a few times to remove the blurriness of sleep and the glare of the morning's light.

She jolted fully awake with a start at the sight of the room before her. Her eyes swept the room, from the papered walls to the carved wood furniture, something just didn't seem right to Rainbow Dash in her dazed early morning state. It took a few seconds of wondering where all the clouds were before her mind caught up with her. She giggled lightly to herself as she realized her mistake - of course, she did expect it would take a while to get readjusted after her big move. Finally giving in to her need to wake and deciding to embrace the day, Rainbow Dash rolled over and sat herself up in her bed – the only cloud in the room. She idly mused to herself about how she had been unable to give up the comfort of a cloud bed, and she chuckled remembering how she had forced this cloud through the small window when she first moved in a couple weeks ago.

Setting her hooves on the panels of wood below her that constituted the floor, Rainbow Dash turned around to get a look at the other side of the room. She smiled as she laid eyes on the other bed in the space – a hoofcrafted wooden one with a comfortable looking green blanket spread over it. However, it was not the bed nor the blanket that Rainbow smiled at, but what was underneath that blanket. The deep green of the bedspread rose and fell with the rhythm of the deep breaths of the pony sleeping peacefully beneath it. With her favorite brown Stetson hat hanging on a bedpost and her head resting on a soft, white pillow, Applejack seemed to be dozing comfortably despite the sunlight.

Rainbow Dash was somewhat perplexed by the scene before her eyes. Applejack was usually the first awake – often due to the work she had to do on the farm – but Rainbow rarely ever had the occasion of waking up first. She strode across the room and approached the bed quietly. She paused to contemplate the pony beneath her. She really was cute when she was sleeping. Her golden straw hair, loose and untied, fell across her shoulders and sprawled out over the pillow. A small smile was visible on her sleeping face as she lay peacefully. Rainbow Dash almost hated to disturb her beautiful slumber.

Almost. Excitedly, Rainbow Dash bent her head down, aiming right for the three freckles on her love's cheek, and planted a kiss right there. She felt Applejack stir underneath her and was soon rewarded when the orange mare's eyes flicked open and blinked to adjust to the conscious world. Applejack turned her head over to look up at Rainbow with her tired green eyes. Rainbow Dash almost could almost feel herself slipping into those deep emerald pools, but she settled for leaning in for another kiss. She pressed her muzzle onto Applejack's and felt the force of the other mare pressing back just as hard, locked in a miniature contest as they shared the pleasure-filled moment.

It was a moment neither really wanted to let end, but all the same, they were forced to soon enough. "Good mornin' Sugarcube." Applejack smiled again for her marefriend when they pulled apart.

"Morning, AJ. Aren't we up a little late?"

"Nah, Ah don't have any work for today, so Ah'll just catch up on mah rest for a while. You're welcome to join me, Sugarcube."

It was an offer Rainbow Dash couldn't refuse. She gently climbed into the bed and pulled the other mare close, breathing in the scent of apples off her loose mane as they cuddled. Applejack ran a hoof through the beautiful rainbow mane before her and received a nuzzle in response. Suddenly, their early-morning antics were interrupted by a bright flash of green light, an intrusion which caused them both to jolt up from the bed.

Rainbow Dash peered at the ground and to her surprise, her gaze rested on a scroll that lay on the floor at the foot of the bed. "That looks like one of Spike's letters." She pointed it out to Applejack.

"Ah thought he could only send them to the Princess?"

"Me too. Let's see what it is." Rainbow swooped down from the bed and scooped the scroll into her hooves, unrolling it to read its contents. "Well, however she got it here, it's from Twilight. She says that the doctors think Fluttershy might wake up soon, and we should get over to the hospital as soon as possible!" In almost no time at all, Applejack was out of the bed and standing next to Rainbow.

"Well what are we waitin' for, Sugarcube, let's go!"


Applejack galloped down the road at a high speed as Rainbow Dash flew alongside her. Partly distracted by the sight of her marefriend, the farmer pony failed to notice a tree root which stuck out of the ground. As soon as her front hooves met this root, the orange earth pony found herself falling face-first towards the ground.

"Ah, horseapples," moaned Applejack as she sat up from her fall. She started to brush the dirt off her pelt as Rainbow Dash landed a few feet away from her.

"Are you okay, AJ?" asked the cyan pegasus as she approached the earth pony.

"Ah'm fine, Rainbow. It wasn't that bad of a fall," replied Applejack with a stern voice. Although she was not injured physically, the tone of her voice made it clear that her pride had taken the blunt of the impact. As she stood up, she noticed the weather pony was holding a hoof to her mouth, trying to contain her laughter at the situation.

"An what do ya think is so funny?" continued the farmer pony, annoyance clear in her voice.

Rainbow Dash gently nuzzled her cheek before turning her head to Applejack's ear to speak. "Sorry, I just think you look cute when you're upset like that," she said with a chuckle.

Applejack calmed down and started to smile. "Ya really think so, Sugarcube?" she asked Rainbow, with the annoyance in her tone quickly dissipating.

"I insist. In fact-" Rainbow dash cut off abruptly as her gaze fell upon something just past AJ's shoulder, something that made almost all coherent thought stop. Floating in the clear, blue sky, A towering mansion of cloud hovered in the distance. Even from her position, it was unmistakable. The springs of falling rainbow water made the identity of the structure even more clear, as did the "For Sale" sign, planted on a small cloud outside the entrance. Rainbow Dash's eyes followed a path upwards from her old house to a patch of sky. It was a place high above that seemed just like any other such area of the sky that surrounded the two ponies, but this particular spot held unparalleled significance to the cyan pegasus. No small, high cloud resided there now, but in the memories that now unwittingly assaulted her subconscious, that high cloud felt all too real. Like a flood, the pained knowledge of failure, the crushing sense of hopelessness, and the terrible loneliness swept through her mind. Memories of that day weeks ago, brought on by a chance encounter with her old house, were still too much to bear.

Concern piqued when Rainbow's voice trailed off, Applejack followed her lover's line of sight to understand immediately what had invaded her mind. Turning back to Rainbow Dash's now-frozen face, she leaned forward, knowing full well what she must do.

For Rainbow Dash, the sudden appearance of AJ's face in her vision, coupled with the equally sudden sensation of a muzzle and lips being pressed to her own snapped her out of her reverie. She found herself pressing back just as hard, opening her mouth to accept her lover's tongue and closing her eyes, getting lost in the moment and wishing for it to never end.

When it did, Applejack pulled away and smiled warmly at her marefriend, keeping her held tightly in her embrace. "Don't get caught up in the past, Rainbow. Ah love you, and Ah want ya to feel better. Ya'll never be alone again."


They arrived at the hospital, walking flank-to-flank, to find Twilight Sparkle waiting for them in the lobby, muzzle buried in a book. Rainbow Dash bent down to read the title before she acknowledged their presence. "'Love and Tolerance; a Guide to Helping Your Depressed Friend', seriously, Twilight?"

"This has been hard on us, Rainbow. I still don't think I know what to do…"

"I'm sorry Twilight." Rainbow Dash sighed, the gravity of her friend's concern reaching her just barely too late, "Can we go see Fluttershy now?"

"Sure. Rarity and Pinkie are already there." The three mares made their way through the corridors of the hospital towards Fluttershy's room, a route which all three now knew by heart. Upon arriving, they opened the door to see Pinkie Pie and Rarity both standing at the side of Fluttershy's bed, the mare herself was shifting her head back and forth on the pillow, but still seemed unresponsive

"Fluttershy, Fluttershy? Can you hear me, Darling?" Rarity gently stroked her pink mane, hoping to illicit some sort of response from the waking pegasus.

As if on cue, Fluttershy's eyes suddenly blinked open and she groaned softly, the light of day reaching her for the first time in weeks. Seeing this, Nurse Redheart rushed over with a glass of water and administered relief to the coughing pegasus. After a few tense minutes, Fluttershy seemed to register her surroundings and her eyes settled on the face of her best friend, looking down at her. Senses coming back online for the first time in three weeks, she blinked a few more times before mustering up the will to speak. "R… R-Rare… Rarity?"

"Oh, Fluttershy, Darling!" Rarity cried, throwing herself onto her friend. Pinkie Pie did the same, shouting her own joyful greeting, and soon the newly-conscious yellow pegasus found herself held tightly by both mares.

"Oh… H-hello Pinkie. Hello Rarity. W-what's going on?"

"Fluttershy, we've missed you ever so much. You might not believe this, Darling, but you've been in a coma!"

"A c-c-coma? Oh... oh my. That sounds serious."

"Oh it was! Tell me, Darling, are you OK, how do you feel?"

"I… I feel… nice. Like I just woke up from a nice nap."

"A nap? Well it was much more than that! You've been unconscious for three weeks, dear."

"Th-three… three w-weeks?" Fluttershy noticeable blanched, her mouth falling into a frown as she shook her head in incredulity. "Oh, no no no. I can't have been asleep for three weeks…. What about my animal friends? Are they OK? What about… what about…" Fluttershy froze as a sudden deluge of memories crashed upon her. In an instant, she relived every moment leading up to the point when her recollection went blank, a look of pure horror crossing her face. "What about Rainbow Dash? Where is she? Is she… Is she safe? Is she OK? Is she…"

"I'm right here Fluttershy, and I'm fine. I'm fine thanks to you." Rainbow Dash trotted across the room to the bedside from her position by the door, speaking up for the first time since watching Fluttershy blink her way back into the world of the living.

"Rainbow Dash…" Fluttershy stared at her, blue eyes locked onto her own magenta ones. Rainbow waited for her to say something more. "Rainbow Dash… Rainbow Dash… how… how could you…?" Ever since she had awoken, Fluttershy had spoken in her usual, quiet, shy little voice, and everypony expected as much since they assumed she would be very weak after her ordeal and her three week sleep. For this reason, it came as a major surprise to everyone assembled when the quiet mare's voice unexpectedly sharply rose in volume. "HOW COULD YOU!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, RAINBOW DASH!?" Pinkie Pie and Rarity leapt backwards in shock and nearly everypony else was stunned into silence the likes of which they had not heard since the Grand Galloping Gala.

Stunned herself, Rainbow found she could do nothing more than stammer before she too trailed off. "F… Fl… Fluttershy…?"


"I'm sorry… I… I wasn't thinking… I just… I felt so hopeless and… and… alone… I'm sorry…"


"I… I… I wasn't thinking…" Rainbow Dash was near tears now.


"I know. Thank you Fluttershy… thank you for catching me… thank you for saving my life... thank you so much." Rainbow rushed forward and threw her hooves around the upset mare, finally letting the barrage of tears that had built up go, crying as she held onto Fluttershy dearly. Even as she did so, however, she felt hooves pushing on her chest, trying to push her away.

"DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN…" Fluttershy choked. Even as she felt her own hooves pushing on the cyan pegasus before her, she felt the grip of terror and fear release her, and her anger dissipated instantly. She had been distraught with worry over her friend, but now that she felt wet, hot tears dripping onto her pelt and hooves grasping her, her raging emotions reversed completely.

Rainbow Dash felt Fluttershy's hooves freeze just as her voice abruptly stopped, and then they left her chest entirely, only to return a split second later to wrap forcefully around her midsection. Before she even had time to register what was happening, Rainbow felt herself pulled into a crushing embrace by the very same mare who had been screaming at her mere seconds earlier.

Fluttershy hugged her friend with all the force of a mother terrified to lose a child. She too, began to cry as she realized just how worried she had been about Rainbow Dash and how mean that worry had made her sound just a few seconds ago. Tentatively, she lifted her head to whisper softly into Rainbow's ear. "…please?", and she broke down completely.

For Rainbow Dash, hearing the small, soft voice usually harbored by her friend address her once again was enough to make her squeeze even tighter as Fluttershy wept. Rainbow was just glad to have her timid friend back, and the tearful whisper she received seemed to confirm that all was going to be alright between her and her oldest friend. Resolutely, Rainbow answered her distraught, sobbing friend. "I promise, Fluttershy. I promise you I won't do it ever again. I… p-promise…" Sobbing again herself now, Rainbow Dash joined her friend, both of them letting their fears, their worries, and their emotions, spill out in the form of innumerable salty drops.

Feeling a hoof stroking her hair, Rainbow Dash pulled her face away to look up into the green eyes of the one pony who loved her more than any other. There were tears there too. Even through the brimming tears, those green eyes, twinkling with a light that could forever guide her home – a spotlight shining upon her – said more than words ever could. Without hesitation, Rainbow reached out and pulled the mare she loved into her embrace as well. Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle soon found themselves sucked into the growing group hug as well.

Rainbow Dash lost her entire family to tragic circumstance and searing flame as a young filly. For the first time in the many years since then, Rainbow realized that she was not alone. She had a family once again.

She was home.
Sometimes, when you've lost so much, when everything you do seems to come out wrong, and when you don't feel like anything but a failure, it can seem like there is no other option but to give up.

But when one pony feels so lost, so inconsolable, so forlorn, that she makes a life-changing decision that almost leaves her shattered forever, it is up to her friends to bring her back.

When you lose something that you can't replace, when you love someone but it goes to waste, and when the tears come streaming down your face, is there anyone who you can turn to... fix you?

Rainbow Dash and all other pony characters are the property of Hasbro (R) and :iconfyre-flye:

The song "Fix You" and all the references herein and all inspiration drawn from said song is all accredited to the marvelous band: Coldplay.

Have you seen the new fan art I received? No? Well CHECK IT OUT! Thanks goes to :iconbigccv:


I also now have ANOTHER absolutely brilliant piece of fan art courtesy of :icongonedreamer: ! Check it out! I command you!



Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Epilogue: HERE!
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When you look at MLP fanfiction (and more specifically, shipping) today, you usually seem recurring themes. Shipping fics usually end up being like the Hearts and Hooves day epsiode, ending off saying "I love you" ALOT.

But this, this was different. Combining harrowing beginnings that kept me at the edge of my seat with an ending that made me shed a manly tear or two, BronyNeumo delivered. In addition, Neumo used the wonderful of ColdPlay hidden in references that brain ninja'd me when I read. An interesting, yet awesome apporach to a story of loss, love, and redemption.

I can only say that I will be here for Neumo's next work, and you should be too. Oh, and give the author a brohoof. He deserves it. /)
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This is a near embodiment of why I sorta because a brony, and a bibliophile (lover of books). I had trouble with far more then family, amd had no where to turn. So, this world because my safe heaven.

This entire story is well writen, it speaks to the heart as well as the mind. to me, it makes me think back about how in my stupidity I hurt people, and how I want to fix it. It makes me think back to an old book I read, and just makes me smile.

I consider this the most influencal peice of literature I have endulged in for a long time. you should consider your self a talented writer, and maybe consider looking at why you are and where your, inspiration comes from. I know I should spend my time critiquing this, but there isn't much to say. no words can express raw emotions. It took you 6 parts to do that and I don't have that time, or space.

I do suggest looking into things more, rarity's parents are alive they just travel allot. it's the "Sister hooves social" episode where it is stated. when working on a subject such as this, It's best to use facts.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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vyse195 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
twice, you made me cry twice, in this story. This is the best MLP story I've read in a long time, maybe the best yet. While I'm more of a RDxFluttery person, RDxAJ worked very well here. I liked the story I'm just afraid to read more of your story, I don't like crying, but I know I'm going to anyway lol.
BronyNeumo Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
It's still quite gratifying to see a work of mine inspire such emotional reactions, even if it is an old piece! Thanks!
cherryjjv Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was brilliantly beautiful, and one of the best stories I've ever read. :)
Keep up the good work :heart:
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Ah..! I love this! Where there be more chapters?
BronyNeumo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
There is a sequel to this story entitled 'What If?'
siathedragon Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
when fluttershy yelled at rainbow i in a momment thaugt it was because ,fluttershy thaugt nopony had taken care of her pets ,and they got sick because of rainbowdash
BronyNeumo Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
siathedragon Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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